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Have you always wanted a hat maker online that is able to help you create your own hat just the way you pictured it in your mind, and maybe even add a couple of ideas to make it look just the way you want it to be? Well this is definitely the website for you to come up with a your on personalized version of hats or caps to suit your everyday lifestyle, or a company event for which you are planning for!

Our website has a hat designer that is high end and definitely one of the top interactive applications that assist in configuring how you would like your own hat or cap to look like. We can help you to come up with our own baseball cap, knit beanies or even kid caps for the little ones to wear while they step out during the day! One example of adult baseball hats is the classic baseball cap by Ottoflex. It comes in the amazing block colors of black, white, red, navy and brown, and has two size range options. The first size range is between small and medium, while the second option runs from large to extra large. A large part of its fabric is made out of cotton, with only three per cent out of spandex to give it a light stretching reflex.

Coming to the subject of prints to use as you design a fitted flat bill hat, there are more than 13000 graphic designs under our roof for you to browse through and select. Each custom made design has been carefully divided into its respective category and even sub-category, thus making the selection process simpler for you. once you have selected the design you would like to work on, you can opt to place it either smack in the middle of the hat or cap of your choice, or alternatively have it centered horizontally across the said item. There are four selections of prints you could use for the design, and this is in essence digital printing, flock printing, flex printing as well as special flex printing. All our prints are exceptionally good in durability terms, and allow up to three color selections for each design chosen, with the exception of the special flex print, which currently caters for a singular color for each design selected. This latter print type is much better than embroidered snap backs, promotional trucker logo, stocking caps or pom pom beanies. Remember there is no minimum requirement so you can order just one if you like! You can also use our bulk discounts to make large orders cheap.

When it comes to shipping, we ensure that our local orders reach our clients within a timeframe of one to five days after the order is shipped out. We will provide you with tracking information so that you can monitor the shipment as you wait in excitement and deliberation for it to arrive at your doorstep. Shipments are done within 48 hours of completed payment receipt and full delivery details provided by you. 

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